Low Cost Stamped Concrete Ideas

Stamped concrete is unique and beautiful making it eye catching. Although this is the case, it is not as expensive as you would think. Stamped concrete can be made appealing even if you are on a tight budget. Installation can be a bit pricey depending on the amount of work to be involved in achieving a certain look. Below are some tips to get a beautiful and affordable stamped concrete.
– Take advantage of the flexibility of concrete. It can be shaped any way you wish and improve the look of ordinary concrete with stamped concrete even in small areas by changing its layout. You can also incorporate curves when pouring new concrete. You can also add a curve to your walkway. Patios can be a half circle instead of the usual square one. Let your concrete match your landscape. You could add all of these features to your existing or new concrete without having to spend more.
– If you have the limited budget to cover all of your concrete’s square footage with stamped concrete, then you can just add stamp a border. The concrete will have a finished look due to the patterned borders. Steve Walker of AAA Concreting in San Diego CA said, “I don’t like patterns running all the way off the edge. It’s not a good look!” The easiest way of improving the look of dull concrete is by adding borders. They are affordable and efficient.
– Using multiple colors on your concrete installation can add to the cost of its coloring. Keep the color simple, and you can save more by using the same color for the border or the fields. Instead of installing plain, grey concrete, using coloring with a pattern will enhance the concrete. You don’t have to add lots of colors to make it look good.
Concrete contractors usually offer saw cut and texture services. You can ask them if they can saw cut a pattern for you and install a texture skin for the pattern. They can also give the concrete a three-dimensional look by adding grooves and control joints.
– Although it may seem counterproductive, expanding the area that you intend to stamp can add so much impact. You can add stamped concrete from a driveway or patio and connect it to steps and walkways. Another great example would be adding a border to a driveway then continue that border to nearby paths, steps, walkways, and entryways. Instead of spending your entire budget on one area, you can get the most out of it by installing stamped concrete in multiple places. This will create a more holistic look.