Guerilla Gardening- Society Impact

Gorilla statue in park garden - mamoute

Guerilla Gardening, Why and Where?

Ever heard of the term “Guerilla Gardening”, probably not, although it goes back to the late 1900’s. It has been observed in many parts of the world since then. It is gardening without having the legal right to the land, on sites abandoned by the original owners. It varies from person to person, community to community. Some people try to embrace change by provoking people in protest and some just do it utilize the area not cared for in a way that benefits the society. In the dark at night or in the day light, the guerilla gardeners not only raise issues of the misuse of land but also engage people to do better for the greater good.
Brighten the World

Do you ever wish to see your neighborhood more colorful and lively? Places with building, roads and pathways, without any flowers or plants to cheer up your mood as you pass by them every day? Well this is exactly what guerilla gardeners do, they bring life to places otherwise perceived as ugly and unwelcoming. Growing vegetables at sites not used for years and still claimed by wealthy rich people, or maybe just plant wild flowers by the sidewalks and road medians. Why? Simply to beautify the areas otherwise not cared for, or maybe for a bigger cause, to get the attention of some political parties or get public support. It is all for the greater good of the people.

Benefits to Society
In our busy lives, we hardly notice the world around us. If you think about it, we all have a duty towards the welfare of our fellow beings. Guerilla Gardening not only spreads awareness but also helps in contributing to the humanity. By simply planting some flowers or dropping off seed bombs over deserted places and road sides you might be responsible for a smile at somebody else’s face, a child perhaps? It sends a powerful message that we do care, and others should too. It not only has to be against people who misuse land but can also be about sharing and caring.