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Moving House Plants out in the Garden for summer

The secret of blossoming plants

Most our household plants are kept in the balcony or garden in summer, some flourish while some get burned up. Many people lack the knowledge of gardening which results into plants drying up or leaves turning yellow. The most important thing about gardening is to know your plants, which ones need to be placed under the sun, for how long, giving them just the right amount of water and they will grow as green as you can imagine. The secret to plants flourishing depends on where you keep your plant at particular times i.e. when it rains, when the sun is out or when the sun sets.

The ideal time

Whereas there cannot be a fixed time for all the plants to be placed outside. Each and every plants requires a certain attention as many household plants are not acclimated to full sun. Make sure to put them outside where they don’t receive direct sunlight but filtered light, probably a half shade would be nicer. It is also important to protect them from harsh and severe temperatures like heavy rainfall, hail, scorching sun etc.

The right amount of care

One always need tips regarding household plants and gardening. A little up and down in their care can lead to their deterioration. It is advised to bring inside all your household plants when it is the end of summer or when the evening have started to become cool again. When you bring back inside, make sure to wash them off a little with warm water as they are not very much accustomed to the low humidity and light conditions. Keeping them protected from insects is also necessary. A daily examine is recommended especially when you bring them inside your house. These little tips are going to come in very handy when you choose to keep indoor plants.

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