Best Time to do Trimming and Pruning

man trimming and pruning a tree

Pruning.. Why Even Bother Calling an Arborist?

A decision that requires our utmost attention, once in a while you hear somebody say “Don’t you think the trees need pruning?” Well, if you ask me, it is probably best to first get some guidelines as to when it is best for trimming and snipping. Pruning is done to ensure that the trees stay healthy and away from the bad dead branches, they might cause the good ones to suffer. Diseases and infection spread if trees are not cared for and that is why most trees don’t look as good as they should.

Best and Worst Time

Like the flowers and plants bloom in summer and wither in the winter, it is the nature that is and always will stay like this. Trees too have a cycle, new growth is usually done is the spring. Why? Because the trees and the flowers blossom in the sunlight and new shades of life come forward. Whereas they usually fade in winter and that is a sign to prune the dying leaves and tree branches.
People also prune in summer that is when excessive sunlight damages the tree branches to a level that they no longer seem to grow. It is also said by many experts that pruning should be done when the seasonal growth is complete. This will enhance the blossoming of trees and the flowers on them.

Get an Expert’s Advice

When is it not good to prune a tree? Experts believe that fall is the time when decomposing fungi spreads and the healing abilities of the tree is slowed down, so it is probably best to leave the trees be and wait for the right time. Pruning is the best maintenance a tree can get, it will keep the tree in shape, make it look younger and healthier. However the timing is crucial and must be kept in mind before any DIY techniques for tree pruning or trimming. It is also better to hire the professional such as an arborist: as they know exactly what to do and when to do. This professional advice and experience can save you a whole lot of effort and time.