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Hi there, Paul Taylor here,

Your very welcome to the Mamoute website, a blog dedicated to trees and their splendor.  We do some amount of gardening here as well but the main focus of our topic is all about trees and their benefit to our eco system, community and well being as a society.

Trees today are an essential part of our children’s lives, if you remember back as a child, we all share some happy memories of them climbing in them, hiding as well as getting lost among them in our gardens and parks.  Trees today are under increasing threat with a challenging urban life but remain an essential part of both the health of both the community and the environment.

We like to take a more balanced approach to their protection and planting and while I know there are a few tree huggers out there, nothing wrong with it but we like to be more practical and supportive in our appreciation and help to keeping them an essential part of our community.PaulJTaylor

We welcome you to our site and hope you can share with us your stories and experiences both in your life and tell us all about your garden and how you are developing it so we can share it here with our readers.  We look forward to talking to you.  Check out our latest posts below.

Paul Taylor.